The Patriot Collection

Friday, February 9, 2018

Jeep Life By Blu Anchor

The Patriot Collection

This 10 X 8 inch kiss cut sticker sheet has 6 U/V coated indoor/outdoor stickers to smarten up your Jeep or whatever you'd like to get sticker happy with. Makes a great gift for that all American Jeepster in your life. 

Price $10.00 + FREE SHIPPING shipping in the USA. Ships worldwide.

Big thanks to Sticker Giant for making such great stickers and really showcasing my designs and featuring our Sticker Story on the Sticker Giant website. Link to the full article HERE

Get it here with a 10% discount---->

Jeep Life: 6 Sticker Patriot Collection 

Jeep Life: 2 Sticker Patriot Collection 

 Jeep Life: 4 Sticker Patriot Collection

Get Lost. -- 5.75 X 3.50 inches U/V Coated Vinyl
Jeep Life -- 2.50 X 1.80 inches U/V Coated Vinyl

Jeep Wave -- 4.50 X 3.50 inches U/V Coated Vinyl

American Flag -- 4.65 X 2.50 inches U/V Coated Vinyl
1941 Jeep -- 1.25 X 1.25 inches U/V Coated Vinyl

Great for all smooth surfaces both indoor and out!

Individual designs also available. 
Illustrated Instructions included!

Seas the Day!


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