Free Halloween Printable / Activity Sheet 4 of 4 - Cat Mask

Sunday, October 28, 2012
As we come to the end of October, I thought that a fun project for both Adults and Kids was in order. Here is a fun, free, printable cat mask for Halloween that you can color! I know that not everyone has tons of money to drop on a fancy costume, so I decided that I would help out a little and design this super awesome cat mask...MEOW! 

I should still have the November desktop calendar up on the first and Monday I am going to post the printable Movember mustache brigade for your pleasure! Thanks as always for visiting my blog and for all of your support.

--Stacey P.

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  1. Stacey! This is so beautiful and very cute! Great details and it seems like a very fun piece to color!

    1. Thank you Neiko! I wanted to do something fun for Halloween and I think I am going to color in Illustrator.


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