Free Spooky Monster Coloring Sheet - Activity Sheet 3 of 4

Friday, October 19, 2012
Hi Again Everyone!

I hope that you been enjoying the treats that I have been conjuring up for you all -- I have had such a wonderful time creating them. Next week, I will have a special activity/treat for both kids and adults alike and I just know that your little Monsters have their costumes ready for October 31!

Any awesome homemade ideas out there that were Pinterest inspired? If you have a brilliant photo, upload your pic to the Blu Anchor facebook page, I am sure my fans would love to see your creativity!

I have a fantastic idea for the November desktop calendar that I think you will all love!

--Stacey P.


  1. Hey Stacey! I love checking up on your blog and other adventures! Seems like you are keeping busy as always. Love your designs and idea for coloring sheet!
    I can't remember if I've already congratulated you on the upcoming new addition to your family, so if not- CONGRATULATIONS!! :)

    1. Thanks so much Kiersten! I am super excited to become a new Mom -- but really nervous too! I have been furiously trying to get things done with my business and we literally just got done unpacking our house.

      I design those activity sheets to get better in Illustrator and I thought that it would give people something to look forward to during the holidays :D

      I hope that you are doing well also! I need to check in on your SF library card submission -- That illustration that you did was clearly the most fitting for that card and I hope you win girl!!!

      Much love to you and I hope that you are happy and continuing to make beautiful art as always!

      -- Stacey P.


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